Sunday, May 29, 2016

Rolling Up My Sleeves And Spitting On My Hands

In my nonage I was a McGovern liberal, proudly cast my first vote for Jimmy Carter, was appalled when Ronald Reagan was elected in 1980, but slowly found myself less and less enamored with the various 'isms' of the left, and eventually found myself at home in the libertarian-conservative camp, where I remain today.

But this year I'm in a quandary: while I generally eschew Democrat candidates and most often find common ground with Republicans, in the current election cycle I am appalled by the front-runners for both major parties.

The Democrats are poised to nominate in Hillary Clinton one of the most scandal-plagued candidates in decades, someone who obfuscates the truth with lawyerly precision, while the Republicans will put forth in Donald Trump the most inexperienced, bombastic and dishonest politicians in the past half century, a man for whom the truth has no meaning, so for me it has to be #nevertrumpORclinton.

But now what? A vote for any minor party candidate is something one can cast on principle, but it's not going to effect any change, or do any good... again, now what?

I guess I've decided re-active this blog to express my thoughts on the campaign as it unfolds, not with the hope or expectation that it will change anyone's mind, but more as a journal, just a place to give form and expression to the thing swirling around my head.

So, on with it (rolling up my sleeves and spitting on my palms).

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