Sunday, May 29, 2016

Rerturn Of The Prodigal Son

I started this blog in September 2004 as a refugee from Livejournal. I had left that platform in search of new pastures and landed here in the middle of that Fall's American Presidential Political campaign.

I recall starting hesitantly, but soon found myself posting only politics, politics, politics, full of piss and vinegar, but soon exhausted both the topic, and myself, and after the election mostly shifted gears to more personal and quirky posts.

Then Facebook and Twitter and Tumblr and Pinterest and Instagram all became 'things,' and I established beachheads there, posting a range of topics on each, with my Facebook taking on the most personal look and feel, though early on I made a conscious decision to never post political things on Facebook, just found it hella-annoying.

Indeed, while I do not contest the right of others to do so, I find it boorish in the extreme that they do, not unlike a drunken uncle showing up at the family reunion to rant about how we need to return to the Gold Standard, or how Communism has only not worked because it's not been tried properly.

Anyway, I've decided to come back to this humble blog during this Election Campaign season to post my thoughts on contentious matters, albeit mellowed (I think) by the decade+ that has passed since I last visited such topics.

As for comments? I welcome them, both from those agree and from those who disagree, and welcome dialog, but keep it civil, please.

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