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From The Week:

Getting into preschool: Advice from an admissions coach

Getting toddlers into preschool has become as daunting a task as prepping teens for college

You think college tuition is pricey? Try preschool in Manhattan (or many other big cities.)

From $12,000 a year for five mornings at a neighborhood daycare (call it your toddler's "safety" school), to up to $40,000 at preschools that are part of elite private elementary schools, these fees won't just blow your budget, they'll blow your mind.

But many parents pay for a school somewhere on that spectrum because they have to — there are few other options, unless you want to homeschool.

And then there's the issue of supply and demand: In New York, there are currently fewer slots at preschools than there are tiny pupils, so "getting in" to the more competitive schools becomes an issue — even for 2-year-olds. That's where a preschool admissions coach like Emily Shapiro comes in.

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