Monday, May 23, 2011

Joplin Tornado - First Person Video/Audio


This was recorded by a young man caught in a Joplin store when the tornadoes came thru yesterday, though the video is mostly non-existent, due to the low-light conditions - still, at its most intense, about half-way thru, the audio is one of the most compelling and horrific documents of an eyewitness to a tornado that I've ever come across - absolutely chilling and scary-as-hell.

(BTW, comments to the vid were turned off this morning, after trolls started posting the most crass and vulgar things, something I found chilling and horrific in its own right.)

Joplin Tornado Devastation - Pictures

The Twin Cities were hit by yesterday's tornadoes, and the damage was both extensive and severe - though my neighborhood suffered none of it - but it paled by comparison with what happened in Joplin, Missouri - I know the town well, have friends there, and spent many vacations with them during the late 70's - my friends are safe, but their home is gone - see why, in the story below:


From The Atlantic:

Tornado Ravages Joplin, Missouri
May 23, 2011 | 2

At least 116 people died in a massive tornado that left a path of destruction nearly a mile wide through the heart of Joplin, Missouri, on Sunday. The cyclone destroyed hundreds of homes and vehicles, as well as a high school and a hospital. Rescue teams have been working hard to find and assist as many people as possible, even as another storm system passes through region today. Tens of thousands are now living without power around this small city, where an estimated 30 percent of the structures were flattened or damaged by the massive storm. Collected here are some images of the aftermath in Joplin as residents and rescue workers survey what remains. [38 photos]

See the photos here.

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Thing A Week Redux - Famous Blue Raincoat

From Jonathan Coulton's Thing A Week Redux:

Thing a Week Redux

5 years ago Jonathan Coulton (that's me) started a project called Thing a Week, in which I released newly recorded song every Friday for a year. I'm replaying it in real time here with all the songs and the text from the original posts.

May 17

Thing a Week 34: Famous Blue Raincoat

This is a cover of a Leonard Cohen song. If some of you kiddies haven’t heard it, you should, and in fact you’re about to. I’m sort of obsessed with it – to me it’s a nearly perfect example of how stories can be told in songs. You never know exactly what happened, but you get glimpses through all these tiny verbal gestures. The title itself says so much without being at all specific. I like to try to fill in the gaps – there’s something about a friend, a wife, and a betrayal, but also something more complicated and private. It’s especially creepy to hear Leonard Cohen sing it, because he is nothing if not totally creepy.

PRESENT DAY JOCO SAYS: It’s raining here in Brooklyn, and my very old cat died this weekend, so Leonard Cohen is just about right.

I still feel the same about the greatness of this song, and it will always be in some corner of my brain, waiting expectantly like an unfinished puzzle. These days I think more about how it might have come to Leonard - what he was thinking about when he was writing this, and how much of it might be personal. He hasn’t explained it much. Wikipedia quotes him as saying the raincoat actually belonged to him:

I had a good raincoat then, a Burberry I got in London in 1959. Elizabeth thought I looked like a spider in it. That was probably why she wouldn’t go to Greece with me. It hung more heroically when I took out the lining, and achieved glory when the frayed sleeves were repaired with a little leather. Things were clear. I knew how to dress in those days. It was stolen from Marianne’s loft in New York sometime during the early seventies. I wasn’t wearing it very much toward the end.

So that clears it up.

Read the rest and hear the song here.

Jonathan Coulton - Famous Blue Raincoat .mp3
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Lyric here.

30 Days Of Truth - Day 6

Day 06 - Something you hope you never have to do.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Jonathan Coulton - "Alone At Home"

'Alone At Home'
Jonathan Coulton


I took daughter number-one AE to see Jonathan Coulton (with Paul and Storm) at the Guthrie show in late April for her birthday present from Dear-Old-Dad.

The crowd of some 700 was hot, the performance was hot, and for waiting around after the show, AE got her JC tee-shirt and ticket autographed, and even got a picture taken with the legend himself.

She was thrilled, and later, so was I, when she told me that if she'd had to choose between a Justin Bieber show and a Jonathan Coulton show, she'd totally pick JC - smart child, that one, but then the apple doesn't fall far from the tree.

Just sayin'.

Anyway, this was one of the songs he performed at the Guthrie show, something new and so-far-yet unreleased, will be on his upcoming album, a wee bit bitter and twisted, but is already one of my favorites: 'Alone At Home.'

Love This

30 Days Of Truth - Day 2

Day 02 - Something you love about yourself.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

30 Days Of Truth - Day 1

Day 01 - Something you hate about yourself.

30 Day Of Truth

This meme has been making the rounds for a while and I've resisted taking it on for a number of reasons, not the least being that I don't believe that anyone ever really tells the whole truth, not even me, well, especially me. Note that I didn't say that everyone lies all the time, only that no one really tells the whole truth - we all shade things in ways that make us look a bit better, or sometimes even a bit worse - that said, I think it's an interesting proposition, to challenge myself to try to reveal things in ways that are actually a reasonable facsimile of the truth without injuring myself in the process, or as a friend told me a couple of days ago, in for a penny, in for a pound, eh?

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Found In Drafts From Two Years Ago

I still remember.

I do.

- just those five words are all and see, at this juncture I don't recall what it was that I still remembered way-back-when, indeed, I can't recall if it was a reflection on my state of mind, or merely a snippet of something I'd meant to flesh-out, something that I still intended to post someday, but just forgot - then again, I actually *do* have a pretty good idea what it probably was, and if that's the case, how coud I possibly forget? That's all I'm sayin'.

NSFW - Maps: Tasmania & Belgium

Map of Belgium from TACTIQS on Vimeo


Friday, May 13, 2011

Songs In My Head

Sinead O'Connor - jackie .mp3
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Nilsson - Without You .mp3
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Lamb - Gorecki .mp3
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Jonathan Coulton - Drinking with You .mp3
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Florence And The Machine - Cosmic Love .mp3
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Fiona Apple - Oh Sailor .mp3
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