Friday, January 23, 2009

Life Is A Fragile Thing

This story first made me shudder, and then made me tear up:

From CNN:

(CNN) -- The fiance of a top Brazilian model -- whose hands and feet were amputated in a bid to save her from a deadly and little-known illness -- said he believes she will wake up from a coma, noting, "where there is a heartbeat, there is hope."

Brazilian model Mariana Bridi is in a serious condition in hospital after undergoing multiple amputations

Brazilian model Mariana Bridi is in a serious condition after undergoing multiple amputations.

Mariana Bridi da Costa, 20, was in "very critical condition" on Friday, doctors said, as she fought a pernicious disease that has ravaged her body and forced doctors to perform the amputations and extract part of her stomach as well as both kidneys.

She was breathing through a respirator, officials at Dorio Silva Hospital in the Brazilian state of Espirito Santo said Friday.

"Where there is a heartbeat, there is hope," her fiance, Thiago Simoes, told CNN in a telephone interview.

Da Costa suffered from necrosis, or the fast deadening of tissue, caused by septicemia.

Septicemia, triggered by a bacterial infection, causes insufficient blood flow that can lead to organ failure.

Bridi first sought medical advice after feeling ill in late December. Hospital officials said she was transferred to Dorio Silva on January 3 in "septic shock," a serious medical condition caused by an inflammation.

Bridi was first diagnosed as suffering a urinary tract infection. By the time the infection was detected, it had developed into septicemia.

Doctors decided to amputate first her hands and then her feet after the condition reduced the amount of oxygen being delivered to her limbs.

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Followup: Bridi passed away today, more here.


Flávia said...

Oi Charles, muito triste a situação dessa menina, né? Infelizmente, ela não resistiu e acabou falecendo! Acho que o título da sua postagem resume bem tudo: a vida é muito frágil!

Master said...

desculpa o atraso, pois so' hoje que vi' seu comentario, mas sim, foi uma coisa tristissima!