Monday, January 15, 2007

Music Monday - A Sudden Sway

In 1982 and 1983 U2 was getting huge press in American college radio circles. The lads in the band were collaborating with a large number of other artists, on a variety of projects, so it didn't seem odd that Bono and The Edge might have been credited by the staff at a local record shop as being 'guests' on a four-track EP called 'To You With Regard' by a then-unknown-round-these-parts group named A Sudden Sway. I snapped up a couple of copies, thinking they might be worth something someday, and when I got them home and listened, I was intrigued. The lyrics are a bit bizarre, but the music is brilliant: four very sophisticated guitar-based tunes with some underlying similarity with the Irish band's early music. After repeated listens, though, it seemed clear to me that the vocalist was not Bono - although he could be singing backup - but The Edge may well have been doing some of the guitar work. I've never heard this connection mentioned anywhere else, online or offline, but I put the matter to a journalist friend who interviewed Bono for a magazine article in the mid-80's. When asked about the supposed uncredited collaboration, Bono proportedly told my friend with a sly smile that he'd heard of such a rumor, and then promptly changed the subject. At this juncture I'm inclined to think that there was nothing of substance to the story, and that Bono was just having some fun, but who knows? In any case, I've been meaning to rip the tracks to MP3, but it seems somone has beat me to it, so go have a listen at Witchseason. Enjoy.

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I Am Not The Beatles said...


Very much enjoying your blog which I stumbled across today.

We may or may not have found out a bit more about Sudden Sway - possibly even Sudden Sway's flooring preferences :

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Ian TB