Thursday, September 14, 2006

No Worries, Mate

Toby Rand introduced the term 'EVS' to America, but it took The Funky Olive to put it on a Tee Shirt. Get yours here.

If you need the MP3 of Toby's show performance of 'Threw It Away,' you can get it at MSN, where it's the number one download this week.

Oh, and for a special treat, zShare (for now) has a free copy of the MP3 of Toby and his Melbourne band Juke Kartel performing an early - but hot - version of 'Threw It Away.' Download it here.


Jezzy said...

That makes me think that I'm either too old to know the lingo that young people use these days, or that "evs" must be a Melbourne thing - 'cause I've never heard of it.

Yep - I'm getting too old. *sobs*

Olivia said...

Hey, thanks for the mention of my EVS shirt! :-)