Monday, August 07, 2006

You've Got Bail!

From Tidbits:

AOL Drops Fees, Offers 5 GB Storage Free

America Online Drops the Fee Bomb. You can use their antiquated, funky, irritating software with an account at no cost, as long as you don't want to dial up, starting today. Dial-up accounts will cost just $9.95 per month for unlimited usage and unlimited customer support.

Some press reports yesterday stated that dial-up service would remain nearly $26 per month for unlimited use and that the free accounts wouldn't be available until September. Rather, $25.95 per month accounts will drop in price to $9.95 per month for existing subscribers over what appears to be a one-month transition. Current broadband-only users pay about $15 per month, and that fee will disappear. AOL has 18 million subscribers, but lost one million in the second quarter.

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