Sunday, August 06, 2006

The Weekend

I just got back from a weekend trip to East-Central Wisconsin to attend Mrs. Muzzy's family reunion. We stayed with her Uncle and Aunt in the lovely home they built when they retired from farming several years back. I'll try to post a thing or two about how things went later in the week.

One thing: I toyed with the idea of taking a detour to Madison this afternoon on the way back to visit my Dad's Aunt, who went into hospice last week. I didn't have an address or phone number for them with me, and was unable to reach other family memebers who could get me that information, as my cell phone wouldn't get a signal in farm country, where we stayed. Anyway, I got home to an email from my Dad's sister, telling me that my Great-Aunt Betty passed away yesterday. I guess it probably wouldn't have been the best time to stop by, today, even if I'd been able to track down their address or phone.

(I've been out of touch with my Great Aunt and Great Uncle in recent years, but we were not in the least estranged. I always enjoyed them both. My Dad was quite close with them, and whenever we visited Milwaukee, we always stayed with them. There will be a very small funeral next week, but there will be a memorial service several weeks from now, and I will probably be there.)

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