Saturday, August 12, 2006

Thirteen Songs

01) - A Song That Reminds Me Of My Best Friend (Deceased 25 Years):

'Wish You Were Here' - Pink Floyd

02) - A Song That Gets Me All Worked Up:

'Cochise' - Audioslave

03) - A Song That Makes Me Want To Get Up And Dance:

'Stayin Alive' - The Bee Gees

04) - A Song That Makes Me Laugh Out Loud:

'Rednecks' - Randy Newman

05) - A Song That Gives Me Chills:

'Lacrimosa' (Requiem) - Mozart/Sussmayer

06) - A Song That Reminds Me Of My First Teenage Crush:

'My Sweet Lord' - George Harrison/The Chiffons

07) - A Song That I'm Surprised I Know All The Lyrics To:

'American Pie' - Don McClean

08) - A Song That Makes Me Feel Worshipful:

'A Mighty Fortress Is Our God' - Martin Luther

09) - A Song I Like Singing With My Toddler Daughter:

'Itsy Bitsy Spider' - Folk Nursery Rhyme

10) - A Song I'd Like To See Banned From Being Performed At Weddings For The Rest Of Time:

'Canon In D' - Pachelbel

11) - A Song That Makes Me Sigh With A Deep And Abiding Sadness:

'House Of Broken Dreams' - Mark Heard

12) - A Song I Think Is Oh-So-Sexy:

'Can't Get You Out Of My Head' - Cathy Dennis/Rob Davis, as performed by Kylie Minogue

13) - A Song That Makes Me Feel Hopeful:

'What A Wonderful World' - Bob Thiele/George David Weiss, as performed by Louis Armstrong

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