Friday, August 11, 2006

A Noid

Flame On:

Of late I've noticed that my WIFI PalmPilot seemed to have gone stark nutters in the upper right-hand corner of the input screen. I have been unable to enter any data, no matter what the application. It's as if that section of the screen is completely lacking in the ability to accept input.

I tried Soft and Warm Resets, but came up empty-handed. I then tried letting the battery discharge completely, thinking that perhaps the device might reset itself, but after I re-charged it, the beast would inexcusably hang at the log-in screen, and refuse to accept any entry at all. In other words, I was completely locked out. It seems I'd neglected to disable the password protection feature before I discharged the battery, and apparently the password utility became corrupted.

After much sweating and anguished cries to Heaven, I was left with only one option: the dreaded Hard Reset, which promises to revert the Palm to the condition in which it left the factory. The manual writers weren't kidding. A Hard Reset wipes out all the data stored therein, which included the really cute drawings that AE had made the other day that I hadn't backed up, and all the third-party applications I had installed. It isn't the End of Existence, but it's very annoying to face installing them again, especially since I hadn't heeded my oft-repeated advice: backup, backup, backup.

In the end, after all that Sound and Fury, the input problem is still a pox on my Palm, with no improvement at all. I sent an email to Palm's technical staff this PM, inquiring if such matters might be covered under the one-year warranty. I should hear back in the next few days, and if I am granted an Indulgence, I will need to pack up my TX and ship it off to Repair Land and do without my favorite gadget for some unspecified amount of time. At least there's a chance that it's going to be a covered repair, but on a U$300 device, it sure as aitch outta be.

Anyway, Flame Off.

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