Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Err America

There are those who would try to convince you that AAR's Randi Rhodes long ago went off the rails and wandered deep, deep, deep into the lefist fever-swamp. Me? I say nothing of the kind. Being the open-minded sort I am, I encourage you to draw your own conclusion. Fortunately, archives of her show are available online. Even if you can't tune in to her show live, you can still be informed and amused by her wit, wisdom, and clever banter here and here. (Interesting: on the Affiliates Page - on her website - Minnesota isn't even listed. 'Tis a shame, indeed.)

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Jason said...

Just FYI, the White Rose website is owned and operated by a rather loathsome former member (as in up until last week) of the Democratic Underground website named Ben Burch. When he posted on DU, it was always a source of much amusement on the Conservative Underground website.