Monday, July 24, 2006

Weekend Recap

It was Daddy Duty for me this past weekend, and here's how it went.



I woke up early with the all-too-usual weekend Migraine, and took my all-too-usual meds, but was still feeling afflicted, a couple of hours later. The girls and I got dressed and headed out to McDonald's for breakfast, and since they were in a pleasant mood, that helped motivate me to take them 'On Adventures.' We first gassed up the car, and then headed up the freeway about 40 miles NW of the Twin Cities to a outdoors superstore called Cabela's. It's an amazing place, full of lots of stuffed animals that have been worked by taxidermists, including bears and mountain goats. They even have African animals, too. Both the girls found it as fascinating as I did, and I hope to go back soon.

After we were done at Cabela's, we drove across the Mighty Mississippi to a Living-Museum kind of place called The Kelley Farm. It's a fully functional 19th century farm that is maintained by employees of the Minnesota Historical Society who wear full costume as they work the various parts of the farm. The girls got to ride the ox-drawn hay cart into the field, where AE got to use a pitchfork to help fill the wagon with hay, and they both got ride back on top of
the pile of hay, with the other kids. When we got home AE told me that it was the most wonderful 'Day Of Adventure' ever. She may be right.



We had a little less intense of a day than we had on Friday. AE and LK watched videos in the morning, we had lunch with Mommy at her workplace and then the girls spent the afternoon playing with a little neighbor girl. It was a relatively relaxing day.



The girls and I got up in the AM and went to church, and then headed out to southwestern Hennepin County for a family picnic. My sister is in from out of town for a visit, and the extended family gathered to grill and visit. The girls spent the whole afternoon climbing a huge contraption consisting of rope ladders, slides and chutes. It was a hot and sunny day, and I had to call for regular time-outs for the girls, to keep them hydrated and rested. But all went well, and they slept very well.


I'll try to write up something tomorrow, but in the event that I don't get to it, I want to mention the following today: early on July 25th, 1986 my Dad woke up with chest pains. An ambulance was called, and CPR was administered, but he died on the front porch of the family home in South America. He was fifty one years of age. I wish he could have lived to see his grandkids, and I miss him still.


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