Monday, July 10, 2006

Politics Going To The Dogs

From Scripps Howard News Service:

Golden retriever runs for high office in Alaska

Anchorage Daily News

ANCHORAGE, Alaska -- Brinkley is 2 years old. His interests include sniffing people, poop and going for "walkies." He'd appreciate your vote.

At least that's the impression you'd get from the "Brinkley for Governor" campaign signs that popped up seemingly overnight in Anchorage this week.

Brinkley is a golden retriever who belongs to Ruth Sisk, a dog-lover who started a write-in campaign for the pooch to raise money for the American Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Animals and other dog-friendly nonprofits.

She's already sold $4,000 worth of T-shirts made popular by the campaign, and she plans trips to Fairbanks and Juneau to sell Brinkley merchandise, Sisk said.

There's even talk of a campaign commercial. "The slogan is 'Get off your tail, hit the campaign trail, vote,' " Sisk says.

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