Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Ecclesiastes 3:1

Just wanted to say: I've been feeling kind of burned out on blogging for a few weeks now, and I've decided to go on an indefinite Hiatus. After a year and a half of posting something pretty much every day to this humble blog, I am taking a break. No need to fret or write, wondering about the state of my health, or mind. I'll be fine. As the Good Book sayeth: To Everything There Is A Season, and I'm going to try to spend this season doing a bit more offline stuff, like spending quality time with family, reading a few good books, or watching some of the dozens of VHS and DVD movies I have lying around. I'll be back if/when the time is right. Until then, take care, and God Bless. (If you still need a blog fix, there's lotsa great reading on the MOB blogroll - see sidebar.)

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