Saturday, March 19, 2005

To Clarify

I know some readers of this blog agree with me that the court-ordered starvation, torture and murder of Terri Schiavo is an outrage. But some readers may not. If you feel this I am going overboard on a tired subject, I urge you to study the entire case, not just what CNN has told you. Over the next day or two or three, I will probably post a lot on the subject. I will not apologize for that.

Please don't imagine that I have no personal knowledge of brain damage, feeding tubes, paralysis and dying: in fact, later today or tomorrow, I will try to write up the story of my mother's debilitating stroke in 1997; of the 30 months she spent in a nursing home in a paralyzed state; how the family had someone with her nearly every single day of those months, without fail; how I spent many days acting as my mother's representative, and eventually her executor; how she - and we - made the difficult decision to not pursue aggressive medical treatment of her additional strokes; how she was given extensive therapy, at our insistence, and regained some limited faculties that allowed her some pleasures and dignity - what has been denied Terri for 15 years; and how I never, never, never ever would have allowed her feeding tube to be removed, even while she was dying. No, don't imagine I do not know.

All I can say is that if you have enjoyed this blog in the past, but find that my posting rabidly on the subject of Terri's impending death bothers or offends you, please take a break and come back in a few days. I value and appreciate those who read what I have to write and say, regardless of whether you necessarily agree with me. I read your blogs, and I thank you for reading mine. It is my style to blog on many things, and soon enough I will, again.

But, for a short season, this is my passion. Right now, I'm incensed, and I have very little else on my mind. In the next few days, Terri Schiavo's life is either going to be saved by brave, and good, and decent people, or she will die. Either way, I pray her suffering won't be long.

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