Monday, February 21, 2005

Holy Remax!

Just one of many reasons why I live here and not there: in a tony Twin Cities neighborhood this wouldn't cost over 300K. (HT2Jill.)


JulieB said...

Hey, well, yeah, but the weather is hella nicer!
OK, so it is a pain. I paid $170,000 for my very modest (dump) in 1996 - 1200 sq ft, 3 tiny bedrooms, 1 bath, (s'OK, it's just me). The house at the end of my cul de sac, 1000 sq ft 3 sm. bedrooms, 1 bath, just sold for $500,000. holy batshit.
But it's beautiful here, and altho we've had alot of rain recently, I was up in the hills riding my horse in shirtsleeves this morning around 11.

JulieB said...

Oh, and the house ad you listed was in Saratoga, a very very exclusive residential area.