Tuesday, February 15, 2005

Dutch Treat

This, on the results of Radical-Multiculturalism-Run-Amok, as quoted from the latest issue of The Week:
Several Dutch high schools have forbidden students to display the Dutch flag or Dutch national colors, for fear of offending immigrants, Amsterdam’s De Telegraaf reported this week. School officials said that relations between ethnic Dutch and Muslim students were so tense that they were forced to curtail any display that might provoke a fight. Students at schools with a history of ethnic tensions have been barred from sporting Dutch flag decals or patches, and they are to be sent home if they wear red, white, and blue clothing. Even blue shoes with red and white laces can be considered provocative, the newspaper said. Muslims, mostly Turkish and Moroccan immigrants, make up about 6 percent of the Netherlands’ population.
There's more on the story at Peaktalk, Dutch Report and Down East Blog.

And don't be so smug. It can happen here.

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