Monday, January 31, 2005

Summa Theillogica

It seems that Jesus - the very Son of God himself - speaks personally and directly to Greek Orthodox-born Vassula Rydén, and what's more, she's written down those messages - dating back to 1986 - to share with the world.

Vassula implies on her website that His Holiness Il Papa has given his imprimatur to her pronouncements, but Father Maurice Levesque, of Saskatoon, offers a cautionary view of Vassula and her ministry, along with links to Vatican documents which the Padre seems to believe support his position.

Vassula, for her part, posts what she seems to think to be confirmation of a state of cordial relations with one Bishop Ratzinger, and presents her reasons why those who might try "to hush down God's Voice" - presumably as channeled through Vassula - are engaged in Mortal Sin.

(Hey, listen, I'm not even Catholic, but with the eternal fate of my soul at stake, I'll leave it to you good readers to draw your own conclusions regarding Madame Rydén.)


JoAnn said...

I found the writings of TLIG in 1996 and I was awakened spiritually as I had been away from the church for 35 yrs. Vassula is a true prophet for our times and it makes me sad when she is mocked, but then that is a sign of a true prophet. Go to and click on "live broadcast". You will see a list of archived broadcasts. Vassula has been broadcasting since Jan. every Tuesday at 12 noon Central time. Last Tuesday a Dr. of Theology spoke about prophecy in our time and he considers Vassula to be a true prophet for our times. Please listen to the broadcaasts and then make up your mind. On these broadcasts she explains how it all started and she talks about the different prophecies that have all ready come to pass. The program about the Day of the Lord is fantastic. There is breaking news about the clalrification of the notification that the Vatican put out in 1995. These booklets are now being distributed, worldwide, to the clergy. The Vatican has found nothing that is contrary to Catholic Doctrine as Vassula has answered, to their satisfaction, all of their questions. If Vassula is authentic, as I, along with thousands of people around the world believe , then it would be extremely important to read what she has been told to tell us through the books of TLIG. Vassula does not make a cent from any of her appearances, or books, or videos. She is exactly as she says she is. I have been on two pilgrimages, with people from all over the world and I have seen Unity in action. That is her mission and it will come to pass in God's timing.

Muzzy said...

Well, I don't mean to mock Vassula. You are mistaken, however. The Vatican has not endorsed her visions, nor are her pronouncements orthodox, under any Christian tradition. I am going to give her the benefit of the doubt and assume she really believes what she says, but that doesn't she isn't delusional. In fact, I will go so far as to say that if she does in fact receive communications of the sort she maintains she receives, they are not from God but from the Powers of Darkness. One thing is certain, if she is of God - which I more than doubt - nothing I say will stand against her. And if she is not, she will have an eternity to repent. I wish you the best.

Georgia said...

There have are many Theologians who have taken extracts from the heavy Theolical teachings in these divine inspirations. These theologians have written many books on the teachings of true Life in God.I don't believe that they are delusional???