Sunday, October 31, 2004

By The Way

All I gotta say is, Mark Steyn's got chutzpuh:

"My sense is that the 2002 model is still operative, and that the Democrats and the media, talking to each other in their mutually self-deluding cocoon, have overplayed the Bush-bashing. Next Tuesday the President will win the states he won last time, plus Iowa, Wisconsin, New Mexico and Maine’s Second Congressional District to put him up to 301 electoral votes. Minnesota? Why not? Nudge him up to 311 electoral votes. Oh, and what the hell, give him Hawaii: that’s 315. The Republicans will make a net gain of two seats in the Senate, one of which will bring with it the scalp of the Democrats’ leader, Tom Daschle. Despite distancing himself from Kerry and running ads showing him and Bush embracing, Daschle’s floundering in South Dakota, and his lugubrious mien will be even more lugubriouser within the week. Look for a handful of Republican House gains, too. And Democrats tearing their hair out — or John Kerry’s and John Edwards’s hair, if they can penetrate the styling gel.

The above prediction needs to be able to withstand Democrat fraud, which I’m nervous about. If Tuesday goes off as smoothly as the Afghan election, we’ll be very lucky.

Usually after making wild predictions I confidently toss my job on the line and say, if they don’t pan out, I’m outta here [emphasis, Muzzy's]. I’ve done that a couple of times this campaign season — over Wes Clark (remember him?) — but it almost goes without saying in these circumstances. Were America to elect John Kerry president, it would be seen around the world as a repudiation not just of Bush and of Iraq but of the broader war. It would be a declaration by the people of American unexceptionalism — that they are a slightly butcher Belgium; they would be signing on to the wisdom of conventional transnationalism. Having failed to read correctly the mood of my own backyard, I could hardly continue to pass myself off as a plausible interpreter of the great geopolitical forces at play. Obviously that doesn’t bother a lot of chaps in this line of work — Sir Simon Jenkins, Robert ‘Mister Robert’ Fisk, etc., — and no doubt I could breeze through the next four years doing ketchup riffs on Teresa Heinz Kerry, but I feel a period of sober reflection far from the scene would be appropriate. My faith in the persuasive powers of journalism would be shattered; maybe it would be time to try something else — organising coups in Africa, like the alleged Sir Mark Thatcher is alleged to have allegedly done; maybe abseiling down the walls of the Presidential palace and garroting the guards personally."

And don't you just love him for it?

Predictions For Tuesday

The Common Sense Chronicles has a short list of Blogger predictions for the Popular and Electoral College vote counts, but notably absent from the list is Hugh Hewitt, who's been saying Forty States for Bush, for weeks now. We'll know Tuesday, give or take a few weeks, depending on how much moolah the Demo's have got to pay their J.D.'s to lawyer the whole thing to death.

Me? I'm too lazy to make any serious predictions. I expect Bush will win - or at least, that he should win - but the Dead, the Undead, the Felon, and the Illegal Alien wings of the Democratic Party will be out in force on Tuesday. They could be enough to Kerry the day. Hey, the good guys don't always win. Of course, if it's not close, they can't cheat.

On the other hand, if Kerry should pull out a victory, this shabby man would be every bit the disaster of a president as he was a candidate. Like Jimmy Carter before him, Kerry's effete whine would guarantee America does not elect another Democrat to the White House for at least another two or three election cycles, which would save the nation the chicanery of a President Hillary in 2008. And that would be a very good thing, indeed.

Reporting For Doody

So lemme get this straight: it appears the story is that John Kerry didn't actually receive an honorable discharge from the Navy? And how is that news? Since when did he become an honorable man?

Election Time Advice From Mencken*

H.L. Mencken, the Sage Of Baltimore, published the following bit of bombast in the Baltimore Evening Sun on April 11, 1926, under the heading 'Lame Ducks,' (originally titled 'A Noose for Beaten Presidential Candidates') and re-published most recently in the Anchor Books collection The Impossible H.L. Mencken:

One of the unpleasant byproducts of the democratic form of Government is that it fills the land with disappointed and embittered men, savagely gnawing their finger nails. A salient specimen is the Hon. Hiram W. Johnson, Senator in Congress from the great State of California and an eminent member of the knights Templar and the Native Sons of the Golden West. Hiram was baffled of the Presidency in 1924, and has been full of psychic staphylococci ever since. When he arises in the Senate it is only to radiate malicious animal magnetism. Not long ago he even went to the length of denouncing a Federal judge -- an act almost verging on Bolshevism under our jurisprudence.

Countries under the hoof of monarchism escape such lamentable exhibitions. Unsuccessful aspirants for the crown are either executed out of hand or exiled to Paris, where tertiary lues quickly dispose of them. The crown prince, of course has his secret thoughts, but he is forced by etiquette to keep them to himself, and so the public is not annoyed by them. He cannot go about praying publicly that the King, his father, come down with endocarditis, nor can he denounce the old gentleman as an idiot and advocate his confinement in a home for the feebleminded. Everyone, of course, knows what his hopes are, but no one has to listen to them. If he voices them at all it is only to friendly and discreet foreign ambassadors and the ladies of the half and quarter worlds.

Under democracy such reticence is unknown. The land swarms with open and undisguised candidates for the highest office, and they urge their claims without disguise. One may laugh at them, but one has to listen to them. Worse, one also has to listen to their repinings when they are defeated. A few of them, more high toned than the rest, may retire pianissimo to the sewers, but the rest remain on deck, exhibiting their ghastly wounds and bellowing for justice until the mortician knocks them off.

In the last paragraph, after chronicling several egregiuos examples of such buffoonery, Mencken does offer a solution:

Let us have a Consitutional amendment providing that every unsuccessful aspirant for the Presidency, on the day his triumphant rival is inaugurated, shall be hauled to the top of the Washington Mounument and there shot, poisoned, stabbed, strangled, and disembowled and his carcass thrown into the Potomac. What we'd have gained if that amendment had been on the books in 1896! and in 1912!

*The-obligatory-but-ought-to-be-unnecessary-disclaimer-for-the-really-really-uptight-reader: he was kidding, ok? And so am I.

Saturday, October 30, 2004

Campaign 2004: High Stakes

"Quite simply, Kerry must be stopped; and Bush must win." So writes British historian Paul Johnson, in a devastating pronouncement on John Kerry's fitness for the American presidency. Read it twice, then refer it to your friends. (Thanks to NRO and HACER, and to LGF for the tip.)

Andrew Leigh On The Left's Rage (NRO)

Repeat after me: they are the Party Of Hate.

Prozac Nation

Newsweek resident loopy paisana Eleanor Clift goes off the rails and deep, deep into the Fever Swamp.

Without A Hitch?

The Nation, creaking bastion of Leftist thought since 1865, is losing columnist Christopher Hitchens. In his last column for them, Hitch explains why he is (Slightly) For Bush.

VDH - Right, Once Again

Victor Davis Hanson puts it all in simple, clear language that even Michael Moore could understand.

Friday, October 29, 2004

Check These Regularly



Bin Laden's Bin Hidin'

On behalf of the undead everywhere - and just in time for Halloween - Osama bin Laden speaks in support of the Second Amendment to the US Constitution:

"Your security is not in the hands of (Democratic candidate John) Kerry or Bush or Al Qaeda. Your security is in your own hands," bin Laden said.

"I tell you: security is an important element of human life and free people do not give up their security."

Or something like that. (Doesn't this guy remind you of Whack A Mole?)

Simon Says: Dreadful

Absolutely dreadful.

Whuht Thuh Hay?

Pity poor Kos. He's reduced to dragging the lake in his desperate attempt to find some good news for the Kerry campaign, going into the weekend. (Here's the good news, it just ain't for Kerry.) But honest, I'm not getting it. As best I can figger from the Kos piece, the Kerry Kooks have made bigger ad buys in Ohio and Florida, so that means... uh... um... they're ahead in ad buys. So... She's a witch!

The Simpsons

One sister is a talented flake. The other is just a flake - but she has her own iPod. That's gotta count for something.

Dick Morris Is Right

I'm sure glad John Kerry won't read this.

Lower Education

From the Wall Street Journal's OpinionJournal, Friday 10-29-2004:

DEBATE DEFICIT: What if they held a political debate on campus and couldn't find a Republican professor to take part? That's what happened at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill on Monday, when Young Democrats and Young Republicans invited profs to debate campaign issues. On economic policy, the Daily Tar Heel reports, this meant that a UNC professor had to double as a speaker for both sides. To find a second debater on domestic and foreign policy, UNC Young Republicans had to import a speaker from Duke, political science Prof. Peter Feaver. Asked about the deficit of teachers on the UNC campus willing or able to represent Republican positions, Mr. Feaver got right to the point: "I thought it was a sad commentary on higher education."

But didn't the LeftMedia tell us there was no left-wing bias is the Universities?

Thursday, October 28, 2004

Real Or Memorex?

Now, this is truly an October Surprise. Or maybe not that much of a surprise at all.

Was It Her?

Nah, couldn't be. But I could swear I saw Sarah Clarke (Actress from Fox TV's 24) downtown on my way to lunch today.

Election Day Guide

Yes, staff of The Onion are left-wing zanies, but they are often pretty funny left-wing zanies. And they would be even funnier if they - and way too many of their lefty readers - didn't actually believe this.

A Martian J.Lo?

J.Lo? On Mars? But could it be?

The expert explains:
"It could be a monument to a Martian figure similar to our own Jennifer Lopez," the expert explains.

Kinda makes you think, doesn't it?


As usual, Victor Davis Hanson is spot on target regarding political devisiveness in America - excerpted here:

...the universities, the arts, the major influential media and Hollywood are predominately liberal - and furious. They bring an enormous amount of capital, talent, education and cultural influence into the political fray - but continue to lose real political power. The talented elite plays the same role to the rest of America as the Europeans do to the United States - venting and seething because the supposedly less sophisticated, but far more powerful, average Joes don't embrace their visions of utopia.

Elites from college professors and George Soros to Bruce Springsteen and Garrison Keillor believe that their underappreciated political insight is a natural byproduct of their own proven artistic genius, education, talent or capital. How then can a tongue-tied George W. Bush and his cronies so easily fool Americans, when novelists, actors, singers, comedians and venture capitalists have spent so much time and money warning them of their danger?

For all Sean Penn's rants, Rather's sermons, Michael Moore's mythodramas and Jon Stewart's postmodern snickers, America, even in times of a controversial war and rocky economy, is still not impressed. National Public Radio, "Nightline" and the New York Times are working overtime to assert their views in this philosophical debate; Jimmy Carter and Al Gore - not George H. W. Bush and Bob Dole - are fuming. Most Americans snore or flip the channel.

Sounds about right to me.

Wednesday, October 27, 2004

It's Their Last Chance. Really.

The N.O.W. gals are hiking up their skirts for a mad dash to the finish to elect JFK II. It's their "last chance to end George Bush's War on Women," you see. And they are serious, methinks:

Right wing control of all three branches of our government must come to an end on November 2.

You know it's not just abortion rights at stake: It's health care, Social Security, disability rights, Title IX equal educational opportunities, family planning, programs to prevent violence against women, job training and childcare, and whether our government will continue its use of bigotry and discrimination to advance a political agenda — in short, everything you and I care about.

Um, okay. But I wonder how they really feel.

Give Him A Hand

This one's for you, Solamon - not that you'd ever need it: How To Win Friends And Influence People. Hey, it could work. And stop snickering.

Forget The Polls

Maybe this is all you need to know about Predicting Who Wins:
President Bush will be staying in the White House for four more years if Weekly Reader students have their say.

Hundreds of thousands of students participated in this year's poll through classroom elections nationwide. President Bush had a commanding lead over Senator Kerry, capturing more than 60% of the votes.

Since 1956, Weekly Reader students in grades 1-12 have correctly picked the president making the Weekly Reader poll one of the most accurate predictors of presidential outcomes in history.

This year students caught the election fever. More than 20% more students participated in this year's Weekly Reader poll than ever before. Thousands of students in every grade K-12 participated. Third- and fourth-graders were the most enthusiastic voters. More than 57,000 students in each of those grades cast a vote.

The election poll is part of an overall educational program called "Promote the Vote," created by Weekly Reader to teach students about the issues, the candidates, the election process, and the importance of a democracy.

Now that's a plan I can go for!

Simple As ABC

Did the guy say anything about a PLAN� Just wondering.

Harrassing Harris

They are The Party Of Hate. And Kooks.

Tuesday, October 26, 2004

They Think You're Stupid

Really. They do.


The Old Green Bus just won't run out of gas.

Rock The Vote

If you let them Rock Your Vote, this is what happens. I just hope they're all from California. (Hey, it's already going to Kerry, anyway.)

Good Minnesota Blog

A Shot In The Dark.

How Sad

Pity poor Kos. Now that it appears the Al Qaqaa story is mostly - if not all - ca-ca, Kos is determinedly picking through the dung heap of John Kerry newspaper political endorsements, hoping desperately to find signs of some kind of Kerry October Surprise. Sorry, dude, you need to give it up: there's no there, there.

Monday, October 25, 2004

Please, Just Go

Statesman Al Gore gave a shout-out for peace yesterday, while politicking at the Abyssinia Missionary Baptist Church in Jacksonville, Florida, asking church-goers to vote early and to not '...turn it into angry acts or angry words.' (But he didn't say they couldn't hate.)

Stress Reliever

You can't touch this.

Abort Retry Fail

It's not enough to have to worry about Democrats harnassing the votes of illegal aliens, felons and the dead to perpetrate voter fraud in their quixotic attempt to elect JFK II. Now there's this. And this. Remember, 'If it's not close, they can't cheat'. (But it won't keep them from trying.)

Saturday, October 23, 2004

Sadly, More Of The Same

The Always-On Powerline just posted two more entries this evening on Limey Bush Hatred and Demo Leftist Thuggery. Read both carefully, follow the links, and resolve to not lose resolve.

(Any day now John Kerry will do the right thing and condemn all the hatred and violence being loosed in his name by his Demo Brown Shirts. Maybe tomorrow. Maybe next week. Maybe on the eve of election day. Maybe in his concession speech. Just don't hold your breath.)


Like a bad case of Herpes, Al Gore just won't go away. Now we've got left-wing zany David Podvin calling Gore a Statesman because he hollers alot on the stump. By employing such impeccable logic, one can see how the left ends up justifying campaign thuggery.

(And, in case you doubted his bona fides as a Full-Bore Kook, Podvin explains in another post - mangled spelling lovingly lifted from the original - why "the sultry Ms. Heinz Kerry" is "a kick ass broad of first magnatide." 'Nuff said.)

Left Behind

I'm starting to get the impression that Leftists everywhere hate Dubyah. Now even the Limeys are getting into the act of harassing Bush voters. Take it from a proud Yank: our American Union Goons can take care of the job of harassing Republicans all on their own, thank you very much. Now, go away!


This is just for You: Too cool


As is often the case, Powerline has been doing some serious heavy lifting on issues of the day, this time the election-time thuggery of the Democrats. Keep up the good work, gentlemen. It is much needed and appreciated.

As for the thuggery-du-jour: insert Heavy Sigh here.

First there was a wave of office invasions of several Bush campaign headquarters, conducted with pushing and shoving, admitted to be the handiwork of the AFL-CIO. Then came the out-and-out attacks, with guns and bomb threats. Now we hear of electioneering at the Early Voting polling sites, and of threats and intimidation against voters. It shows no sign of letting up, and will probably only get worse as November 2nd approaches.

Two comments:

1) I don't believe Early Voting electioneering is illegal. Tacky? Yes. Illegal? No. It may - or may not - be illegal to threaten or intimidate someone at Early Voting sites, but it would probably be covered under harassment or stalking laws, rather than election laws. It is illegal to engage in electioneering within a certain distance of the polls on Election Day proper, but I think the notion of electioneering at Early Voting sites isn't covered under most election law. (Please post a correction, if you have reason to believe I'm wrong on this.)

2) I gotta say, the thuggish behavior of some Democrats this election cycle shouldn't come as a surprise to anyone. One of the core constituencies of the Democratic party is a Motley Crew of various private and public unions. We already know that the AFL-CIO is involved in some of the more egregious Goon behavior.

The union movement has done many good things for the working man and woman in this country. I am a dues-paying member of a union, myself, and I'm well aware of the history of labor. But of recent decades, many unions - particularly those of the AFL-CIO - have been less concerned with the workers they represent, and much more concerned with their own political clout and agenda. Additionally, many of them have long been down on all fours with organized crime; witness the Mafioso behavior of many union officials and members during any strike. Thuggish is as thuggish does. (Union Sundown, indeed.)

As for the problem in Florida, it's a delicate one. If Jeb Bush ignores the thugs, he will be complicit in their evildoing. If he puts a stop to it, he'll be accused by the Democrats of trying to assist his brother's re-election. Let's hope he does the right thing, accusations be dammed.

BTW, I'm sick of Slim Shady. Just had to stick that in there.

Friday, October 22, 2004

Eloquently Put

I saw this link on Instapundit and had to include it here: another Democrat for Bush. The author has also posted followup expansions numbers one and two, with numbers three and four to come.

Would Never Happen

Can you imagine a leftist Public Interest Group (PIG?) calling on a Congressional Democrat leader to step down from his leadership position over ethical violations, as the conservative group Judicial Watch did with Tom Delay. Nah, I can't imagine it, either.

Now THAT's A Plan!

Michelle, from A Small Victory, suggests a new Kerry Plan.

It's A Kerry Thing, You Wouldn't Understand

Newsweek explains why John Kerry is a complicated man - too complicated, in fact, for the Hoi Polloi in Flyover Country to fully grasp.

Thursday, October 21, 2004

They Couldn't Print It If It Wasn't True

Rumsfeld makes the news.

What The Hey?

Has Ole Pat gone Howard Dean on us?

Flip It And Reverse It

My first instinct was to write a point-by-point refutation of this pageful of nonsense, but I just don't have the energy. It was a little hard to follow, but I believe the writer's point in the last paragraph is that "If It's Not Close, They Can't Cheat." He's spot-on right, of course, but not for the reasons he thinks.


I'm re-reading The Cluetrain Manifesto, the popular and (somewhat) influential collaboration released in 2000 that promised to change the way organizations view their markets. The book contains a bit more bombast than should be necessary to make its point(s) and seems just a bit dated in places, but it's still a pretty good read. The entire text of the book is now online for free.

50 Photos = 50,000 Words

Another great photo post on Why Bush, What's Wrong With Kerry?

Michael Moore Hates America

Michael Moore is the subject of a just-released movie: Michael Moore Hates America. He was also the subject of a recent book out this past summer: Michael Moore Is A Big Fat Stupid White Man. As is obvious from the titles, both are critical of Moore. Yet I suspect he is conflicted about the attention he's been getting, probably both angry and thrilled.

(One thing's for sure, in spite of his Shock And Assault style of film-making, he is notoriously unwilling to face the camera himself for anything but puff pieces.)

I saw Michael Moore on the Tonight Show a few nights ago and as I watched him prattle on, it suddenly hit me: to all appearances, he's not much more than a schoolyard bully, grown very, very big. He's an extremely successful bully, an adult bully, a bully with a movie camera, but a bully, all the same. And, like all bullies, he's doubtless very insecure.

I believe Moore does not rationally debate those with whom he disagrees because he lacks the self-confidence - and probably the skill - to do so. He is a modestly-talented film-maker, and projects a kind of genial persona, but I suspect that he's actually full of rage and sociapathic self-loathing. He's been absolutely vicious toward anyone who has anything negative to say about him or his work, displaying the very thin-skinned behavior he attacks in others, in his films. It seems highly unlikely that he is a happy or content man.

Yet in spite of his pallid complexion and his morbid obesity, Moore has a glow about him when public attention is focused on him. He seems to live for it. In the end, I suspect that - be it negative or positive - he absolutely loves the attention he's been getting. Bullies always do.

Wednesday, October 20, 2004

Time Wasters

How many times have you been sitting around with nothing to do, thinking "If only I had a virtual stapler or virtual bubble wrap to play with." And if that's not enough, Soda Constructor and Zewall have designs on your time, as well. (Neither the Bubble Wrap nor the Soda Constructor seem to play well with Mozilla, at least on a Mac. Try MS IE.)

Tuesday, October 19, 2004

We Report, You Decide

Well, now. This certainly looks like good news to me.

Not Disneyworld

After November 2nd, John Kerry is going to need a long vacation.

Fitzhugh FollowUp

Update on Fitzhugh story: there have been denials made by both Fitzhugh and the Democrats in Tennessee that he had anything to do with this whole affair. It's always possible that it is a Dirty Trick. Or not. Southendgrounds addresses the matter in splendid color.

Photo Essay

Hugh Hewitt put out a call for bloggers to submit postings to his latest symposium: why vote for Bush, and what's wrong with Kerry? There have been a large number of great posts, but this one at Discardedlies is one of the best.

And, BTW, here's one more thing that's Wrong With Kerry. And Three More Reasons to vote for Bush.

Monday, October 18, 2004

High Times

It's a chronic problem: High Times endorses Kerry. No, really. And, in other news, I guess that groundswell of Kerry support isn't all it's cracked up to be. The Rock don't smoke itself, people.

My Two Cents

My submission to Hugh Hewitt's current symposium:

Why Vote For Bush?

President Bush is a good and decent man, married to a good, decent and charming woman. His character, his upbringing and his faith have sustained him well over the past three years, during which he has led this country through some of the most difficult times in our history. He understands the nature of the War On Terror, and is willing to take the fight to the Jihadistas and their allies. While he will seek alliances with others, he will not outsource our security to foreign nations, nor seek their approval before engaging the enemy. And George W. Bush does not windsurf.

What's Wrong With Kerry?

John Kerry is a lazy and undistinguished politician, a proponent of class warfare, a globalist, an elitist masquerading as a populist, a leftist, and a cheat. He does not understand the nature of War On Terror and, if elected, would genuflect before fellow internationalists as part of his Global Test. Kerry is a shabby man who lacks the courage of conviction to pick a position on an issue and defend it, one who equivocates and then lies about it. His wife is a harsh and stern woman, lacking in social graces. And John F. Kerry windsurfs.

In the end, John Kerry lives in a fantasy world, one that came to ground on the morning of September 11, 2001. George W. Bush gets it. John Kerry doesn't.

(Also, from my post of September 22, 2004.)

Reporting For Duty

Monday AM. The stoplight turned green. I started to cross the street in front of my place of employment, but had to step out nearly into the intersection to get around a dark-colored SUV that was fully blocking the crosswalk. The driver, a middle-aged white man, was yammering away on a cell phone, seemingly oblivious to the world. As I walked in front of his vehicle, I glanced over at the driver through the windshield. He must have felt a bit sheepish for having blocked my path, because when he saw me, he gave me the Teresa Heinz Kerry salute. Kerry-Edwards supporter? Probably.

Which Poll To Believe?

From MSNBC today:

Bush leads 52-44 percent among likely voters in a Gallup Poll taken for CNN and USA Today from Thursday through Saturday, up from 49-46 after the second debate.

Bush leads 50-44 among likely voters in a Newsweek Poll conducted Thursday and Friday.

Bush leads 50-46 in a tracking poll of likely voters taken Wednesday through Saturday for ABC News, up from 48-48 in the Tuesday-Friday period.

Another poll, released Monday, found the candidates deadlocked at 45 percent each among likely voters. The Reuters/Zogby three-day tracking poll gave the president a 46-44 percent lead over the Massachusetts senator the previous day, and a four-point lead the day before that

In other words, Gallup has Bush up by 8, but Zogby has a dead heat. Maybe Zogby has found a way to count the dead.

Canon Fodder

Canon has an interesting online Virtual Museum. The Virtual Lens Plant is particularly cool.

You Had To Expect This

Democrats are disatisfied with most things; why should this be any different?

Sunday, October 17, 2004

Read This

This story made me tear up just a bit when I read it. Yes, the Gummint needs to do right by the Vets, but I wonder if there isn't anything we can do to help.

Bring Out Your Dead

I have been growing increasingly confident of a Bush re-election, in light of the USA Today Poll numbers out today. One problem: the numbers don't reflect two key Democrat consituencies, illegal aliens and the dead.

As an aside, if you don't already read A Small Victory, well, shame on you. Michelle linked today to the text of a speech on Blogs and Blogging, given by Alan of Command-Post to a group of AP Editors. Read it - it's well worth your time.


Read through the submissions to Hewitt's latest symposium, this one on the Kerry Campaign's shabby treatment of Mary Cheney.

Friday, October 15, 2004


I am weary of hearing John Kerry prattle on and on about his plan to do this, that or the other for (or to) the American People. Worse yet, I cannot shake the image from a book and movie popular in the early 1970's: 'Papillon,' whose sidekick Dega had a 'plan,' too.

The Federalist

The Federalist Patriot is not part of the Blogosphere, but certainly deserves the attention of patriotic citizens. The Federalist publishes an email digest of collected and original articles, three times a week, also available at their website. It is a well-written and informative, and the price of the email subscription is just right: FREE. They will accept donations, but charge nothing.

(Of note, The Federalist has recently circulated a Petition to Indict and Disqualify John Kerry from National Office, on the basis of his treasonous activities in the early 1970's. The goal doesn't appear to see him arrested, but would bar him from public elected office. While it seems unlikely that this effort will come to anything, it merits consideration. One can always hope.)


During the second debate, Dubyah didn't directly answer the question about his three biggest mistakes. And I was fine with that. But Richard Brookhiser, Senior Editor of the conservative journal National Review, answers the question, and adds seven more. He lists ten of Bush's failures, and then makes the case why The President is still the right man for the job.

Save The Hummel

James, don't let the Hummel die!

Kerry's Integrity

When asked what he had learned from the strong women around him, John Kerry couldn't think of anything to say that would show his stern wife in good light, so he invoked the name of his mother, whom he quoted as telling him that integrity was the most important thing.


John Kerry has no integrity; he will do or say anything to try to win, at any cost. The Mary Cheney comments from the last debate are proof enough of that. Even if Kerry's policies and plans had merit (they do not), he is a cheat and a shabby man, and deserves to be turned away from the White House gate for his lack of character, alone.

Which is what has me somewhat nervous about the coming election. In the end, even if the election is not close, Kerry's people will still try to cheat. In fact, the more likely it looks for a Dubyah win, the more we will see of this.

Thursday, October 14, 2004

Isn't This Just Wrong?

I heard that John Kerry was for this before he was against it.

On A Mission From God

Or All Shook Up: proof that Minnesota has trailer parks, too.

They All Hate Us Anyhow...

John Rosenthal wrote this brilliant piece for the Wall Street Journal today - also posted on his Blog - explaining why Europeans hate America. And no, it's not for the reasons Kerry says. They've hated us for years.

John Kerry and his fellow Common Dreamers argue that if only America had not 'gone it alone' in Iraq, things would have been diffferent. Kerry has promised to Win Back Respect for America. Like most of Kerry says, that's simply nonsense.

So, read Rosenthal's post carefully, then read it again. If only your lefty friends would read it with an open mind. (They won't.)

Wednesday, October 13, 2004

Tonight's Debate

I didn't get to watch all of it, but I gotta agree with Hugh Hewitt regarding Bush's performance in the debate tonight. Kerry did alright, but Bush was very, very good.

My own twist:

The strongest moment was the closing, when Dubyah engaged in mildly self-deprecating humor and paid touching and lovely compliments to his wife. Kerry tried to match him, and even got off a (funny) joke at his own expense, but he didn't praise Teresa, and gave all glory to his Mom. It was a nice touch, but not good enough.

I've said it before, although we don't vote for First Lady, the candidate's wife matters. Teresa is viewed as churlish and harsh, while Laura Bush is, well, One Classy Lady. No contest. And JFK didn't do anything tonight to try to shine Teresa's star. Big mistake.

Me? I think Kerry probably (wisely) realized it couldn't be done. But that doesn't change the fact that Dubyah honored his wife from the stage. Kerry didn't.

Bush win.

They ARE The Party Of Hate

Oh, the Democrats will try to argue otherwise, but their behavior speaks for itself. Up to now the Demos have been content to call Bush Supporters crazy. Now Democrat Tennessee Representative Craig Fitzhugh wants you to know he thinks you're retarded, too. Insensitve? Check. Stupid? Check. Will it blow up in his face on election day? I expect so. Priceless. (DO note Representative Fitzhugh's email address. Let there be email.)

BTW, Fitzhugh's bio says he's a Deacon at Ripley, Tennessee, First Baptist Church. Perhaps the Senior Pastor could explain how Representative Fitzhugh's behavior fits with the duties of Deacon at First Baptist. In the meantime, perhaps one might wish to say a prayer for Representative Fitzhugh as he joins his party in a rush to the bottom.


Update on this story. There have been denials made by both Fitzhugh and the Democrats in Tennessee that he had anything to do with this whole affair. It's always possible that it is a Dirty Trick. Or not. Southendgrounds addresses the matter in splendid color.

Tuesday, October 12, 2004

Things That Make You Go Hmm

A while back I linked to Dennis Prager's editorial about the PCUSA's relationship with the State of Israel. Rick Ufford-Chase, 2004 moderator of the PCUSA General Assembly, has posted a statement representing the PCUSA's position.

Mr. Ufford-Chase is too coy by half. The question is: why? Leftists, whether political or religious, hold Israel in contempt; they have for years. Why should the PCUSA deny the charge leveled by Mr. Prager? Why indeed.

It is an uncontestable fact that the majority of mainline Protestant churches are governed by councils and assemblies that have long-since been taken over by activists whose politics and theology are to the left of left. The 'mission statements' of many of the mainline bodies - UMC, Episcopal, ELCA, UCC, PCUSA and the umbrella NCC organization, among them - are nearly indistinguishable from the agenda of such left-wing organizations as the Green Party.

The common denominator in all the above-named church bodies (but for the Episcopal) is that they were created amalgams of other, small churches. At their inception, in their over-arching zeal for ecuminism, these super-churches had to appeal to the lowest common denominator, which usually meant appeasing the more radical leftist factions of their respective assemblies. Peace and Justice movements took the place of evangelism, and Higher Criticism became the guiding light of the Mainline Church seminaries.

Two, three and four decades on, these churches are bleeding members to more conservative breakaway churches and are seeing their giving drop precipitously. Yet the leadership can't understand that it is precisely their promotion of a leftist political agenda - instead of preaching traditional theology - that turns off so many. The church leadership forms commissions to study the issue and spends millions to try to stem the tide, but they simply will not do the one thing that would turn their fortunes around: evangelism, above all else.

Instead, leftists in church bodies attempt to set themselves up as arbiters of what they believe to be justice. Yet, in spite of their good intentions, they fail miserably. They go to great lengths to appease evil, to try to hold up moral equivalencies between disparate regimes, to try to impose their bizarre worldview upon their churches. And they have largely succeeded. It is this behavior that so offends Dennis Prager. And, in the end, as the mainline churches pursue ecumenism at any cost, they become increasingly irrelevant. Word to the unwise: Revelation 3:16.

Nobody's Mom

Or how to embarrass your kids. Rock On, Mommy:

CandyBand, Frump, MotherLode, Mydols, Housewives On Prozac.

On an nearly-related note, I watched ABC's Desperate Housewives this past Sunday night, and found it to be surprisingly good. Apparently, the rest of the country agrees. The show is dark, with a slightly twisted sense of humor, but is nowhere near as cynical as some many 'Life In Suburbia' shows. It's alot more like 'Picket Fences' or 'Northern Exposure,' than 'American Beauty' or 'Twin Peaks.' I'll watch again.

Monday, October 11, 2004

Kerry That Weight

What will John Kerry do to put a negative spin on this - or this? On the other hand, how is he going to deal the needles and pins?

BTW, Senator, when your cause is just and you're remotely confident of victory, your side doesn't do this. But try as I might, I found no condemnation of Demo Thuggery here.

Paging Roma Downey

Interesting story.

In The News

Actor Christopher Reeve died yesterday evening, nine years after the tragic horse accident that left him paralyzed from the neck down. He was loved by millions and Blogizdat extends condolences to his family, friends and associates.

Two storyline subjects are guaranteed in the next few days: 1) headlines telling us that Superman has died, and 2) stories telling us that if only President Bush weren't so bullheaded about stem cell research, people like Christopher Reeve, President Reagan and even Michael J. Fox might have been cured of their ailments.

As much as I sympathize with the plights of those named, many people have serious concerns about the possibilities of using embryonic stem cells to treat injury and disease. Additionally, there are ways of advancing stem cell research that do not involve the destruction of human life as does embryonic cell research; it is only such destruction of those embryos that offends the sensibilities of ProLife citizens, and drives their objection to using tax dollars toward that end.

John Kerry's attack on the President for his principled stand against furthering embryonic stem cell research presents a dilemma for Catholics, whose church is adamently ProLife. One of the hidden stories in this election cycle is the hugh numbers of Catholic Democrats who will not be voting for their party's candidate this year. In fact, I had to smile when I saw the sign on my Catholic Democrat's lawn: "Another Democrat For Bush."

Saturday, October 09, 2004

Well Now

It appears that the League of MoonBats has waded out into the Fever Swamp, crowing about Dubyah cheating in last week's debate. Oh no! Bush has a bulge in the back of his jacket! Silly Left Wing Wabbits! That's just the ramrod that keeps his back so straight and allows him to stand tall. Either that or the president was wearing the very same 'foreign object' that John Kerry produced. Hey guys, look, over there: it's the Black Haliburton Helicopters. Just kidding. It's nice to see that the Lefties are as paranoid as the Right.

And in other good news...

Who Knew?

This is pretty interesting. Go here and register to start trading. You don't need a Blog of your own, but it's more fun if you do. (Yes, Sola, you are in there, too. Check it out.)

Friday, October 08, 2004

Friday Night Presidential Debate

I only got to watch the debate in snippets, between reading bedtime stories and getting drinks of water for the kids. I did tape it, and will try to watch it in its totality, later. But with what I saw, I gotta agree with Hugh Hewitt's assessment: Bush win. Big? I dunno. But it was big enough. (MSNBC scored the matchup on points, with 15 for Kerry and 12 for Bush, called it a draw. That's a stretch.)

The only real stumble I saw Bush make - and Hewitt didn't really comment on, at least not yet - was the joke he tried to tell when asked who he'd nominate for the Supreme Court. Bush answered that he wasn't telling, because he hadn't decided. And, in any case, he said, he wanted them all to vote for him. Funny? Yeah. I thought so. But it bombed in the room, not a giggle. Too many people still consider Bush to have won the last election due to judges. Not a good idea to make that crack, too uncomfortable. (It reminded me of the first time I heard Tom Green talk about his cancer. Whuh?)

And then when Bush was actually giving his answer, he listed principles he'd use to guide his choice and mentioned the Dred Scott decision on slavery as being an example of Judicial Fiat, and stated he wouldn't appoint a judge who'd rule that way. I got it, but I suspect many people didn't, too obscure for the booboisie. The whole answer was a bit convoluted. Not wrong, just obscure. All in all, though, Bush gave a critical strong performance, one he needed to deliver.

Kerry, on the other hand, sounded like a windbag, pompous and arrogant, not in command of facts and occasionally even unsure of himself. At one point, when asked a question by an audience member, he moved too close, the audience seemed palpably uncomfortable with his presence. Clinton could do it, Bush can do it, Kerry can't.

Aside from all the whoppers Kerry told tonight, he just didn't come across as credible. When the young woman asked about whether he'd use Federal Funds for abortion, he oozed insincerity as he told her how much he respected the deeply held convictions of people who oppose abortion, yet proceeded to give a meandering answer about something to do with constiutional rights. I guess he meant that since the right to abort the unborn child is a woman's constitutional right, he feels it should be paid for by the public. But that's like saying that because I have the right to own a gun, the gummint should be required to buy me one, if I'm too poor to buy my own. Dumb. And it won't fly in the Red States.

Like I said, the debate clearly seemed to be a Bush win to me, but it'll be interesting to see how the LeftMedia spins it in the morrow.

State Fair And Post It Notes

Solaman asked for it:

I went to the Minnesota State Fair in early September with The Buds this year, as I have for many a year. It's become a ritual for me over the past 30 years, to walk the grounds, eat greasy food and people-watch. Of course this year, being an election cycle, brought political activity to the Fair, as well.

Both the Democrat and Republican Party buildings were packed beyond what I have ever remembered seeing in a past election year. In fact, when I came up to the Republican Party building, I thought perhaps Senator Coleman might have been inside, so great was the crush of people in and out of the structure. Most were buying Bush/Cheney buttons and/or putting their names down for lawn signs.

There was a similar crush of people at the Democrat Party building, although I didn't go inside during the heat of the day. But on the way home, we were walking past the Democrat structure (not so much a building as a patio-like area with a roof over it) and as it was after 10 pm and was nearly abandoned, we decided to go in.

The area was bare, except for the back wall. Stuck to it were hundreds of post-it notes, on which Kerry/Edwards supporters had written what were ostensibly the reasons they would be voting for the Demo ticket in November.

There were dozens of references to Paul and Sheila Wellstone, and there were references to the need for a Compassionate America, and Health Care, and Jobs, and Iraq, and the UN. Several of notes proclaimed the pithy line, "When Clinton Lied, No One Died." Many made veiled (and not-so-veiled) references to the Bush administration as Nazi Germany. There was even an occurrence or two of the "If You Are Not Outraged, You Aren't Paying Attention." Every conceivable cliche, lie and slander against Bush that has ever been uttered by the likes of Michael Moore, Eleanor Clift or James Carville was on that wall.

Some of the notes were interesting, some were amusing. Mostly I found them simply bizarre. The writers of the notes were possessed of a psychic rage requiring the kind of emotional catharsis that can only come from writing a post-it note and placing it on a wall, for all to see. It seemed a sort of Political Wailing Wall, at which the mourning masses could place petitions to their once-and-future-messiah, for speedy deliverance.

(I saw nothing of the sort at the Republican booth. There wasn't the slightest reference to John Kerry, by staff or public. There was merely a flurry of well-coordinated activity to distribute literature and sell buttons and recruit homes for lawn signs. I take that back. There was one negative political message, from a ragged-looking grey-haired woman outside on the sidewalk, holding up a handmade sign stating that Bush, Cheney and Rumfeld are criminals. Yeah, whatever.)

As I stood there, reading the litany of rage, I decided to document what I was reading, so I pulled out my digital camera and began to take photos of portions of the wall. It was while I was doing so that I witnessed something chilling, something both fascinating and deeply disturbing.

A family group had wandered into the Kerry shrine and were reading the notes, as were the rest of us: a father, mother and a boy about four and a girl about seven. As they discussed what they were reading, the father proceeded to calmly explain to his seven year-old daughter how it was that the Nazi's - he called them that - had taken over the White House by subterfuge, that they'd stolen the election, that Bush was first a draft-dodger and had later gone AWOL from the National Guard, that he was unfit to command the Armed Forces, that Bush had presided over the worst economy in modern times, that under his watch the nation had lost 3,000,000 jobs. In short, he was reciting the the usual left-wing shibboleth talking-points. And of course, during all this he mentioned no positive attributes of John Kerry's; he merely listed the Evils Of Bush.

Then, in a slow but determined manner that emphasized his resolve, the father proceeded to tell his little girl that he hated Bush; he hated Bush; he hated Bush. When questioned by his daughter as to whether it was OK to hate, he replied that it certainly was OK to hate Bush, because the president was evil and deserved to be hated.

I glanced over at this very average-looking guy and his average-looking family and realized that I was standing next to a sad and pathetic man, a man possessed of a spirit of meanness that was precisely that which he had projected onto those he believed to be his enemies: Bush, and by extension, those who would support the president (me). And I realized in a flash what has been borne out since, that the Modern Democratic party is a party of hate, and not much else.

I was angry, not that he was maligning President Bush, or me, but that he was passing on to his precious little daughter all of the bigotry and rage and ugliness that fills his shabby heart, and his feeble brain. This man, most likely an otherwise good citizen, who probably holds down a job, mows his lawn and takes his daughter to the Urgent Care in the middle of the night when she gets hurt, was was telling this little girl that it is OK to hate the president because he is the moral equivalent of a Nazi. How pathetic and shallow. How ugly. And sad. May God have mercy on his soul.

As my Buds and I were walking home that night, we discussed what we had witnessed. I was both saddened and encouraged.

I was saddened by the reminder that there really are those who believe the foolishness that Michael Moore and his ilk spew forth, who are filled with an irrational and visceral hatred of President Bush. I don't object to their dissent, and I can understand disagreeing with the president on all manner of issues. But the kind of vitriol I witnessed that night goes far beyond disagreement; it wanders into the territory of psychosis.

If Bush wins - as I predict he will - what will happen to the poor man I saw at the Kerry booth at the Fair? Will he crack up? Will he hurt someone else, or himself? What harm will people like that do themselves or others if they feel all hope is truly lost? I've seen how a wounded animal behaves when cornered; it is dangerous thing to confront. (In fact, we've seen the thuggery of the AFL-CIO the past week, displaying exactly the kind of animalistic behavior I fear we will see more of, as the election day draws near.)

But I was encouraged, as well. The kind of nastiness I saw that night at the State Fair will not play well with undecided voters this November. It seems that the Kerry campaign - and Kerry supporters - managed to convince themselves that the rest of the country hates Bush as much as they do, that all Kerry needed to do was to step up to the podium at their convention in uniform and report for duty, and that he would be welcomed as a liberator. They seem to have honestly believed that the election would be all over but the inauguration. How wrong they were - and how wrong they are.

The Kerry supporters simply cannot understand how anyone could refuse to view the world as they do. In their blind hatred and rage, they are incapable of behaving rationally. Of course, the more irrationally they behave, the less likely they will be to draw undecideds to their side. And that can only bode well for our side.

So, in closing, I wish to begin the Long Goodbye: I bid the retiring Junior Senator from Massachussets farewell and good riddance. And, as he goes, may he - like some latter-day Pied Piper - lead his army of scaries back to the wildnerness from whence they came.

Thursday, October 07, 2004

Laura Bush

I've said before that if there were a contest between Laura Bush and Teresa Heinz Kerry, there would be no contest. Although they've been political wives for years, the two could not be more opposite in the image they present. Whereas Teresa is snarly and confrontational, Laura radiates Texas charm.

Some will defend Teresa's style with a kind of convoluted post-modern feminist logic, arguing that a strong woman should be able to speak her mind without being seen as a bee-itch. True. But Laura speaks her mind, too, and she appears to be a very strong woman. But she does it with a sense of class and style that Teresa seems utterly incapable of conjuring. Whether it's a product of temperment, breeding or something more esoteric, Laura Bush has the ability to charm her audiences, while Teresa comes across as boorish and cranky.

All this translates into a simple axiom: the masses like Laura Bush, and they don't like Teresa Heinz Kerry.

After her recent Tonight Show appearance, some were trying to paint Laura Bush as having said that she and Teresa are friends. She said nothing of the kind. She did say, however, that she had Teresa have alot in common in that they are the only two women in America who know what it's like to have their husbands running for president in 2004, and that she was sure they'd have lots to talk about. She sounded sincere, without malice, and gave ample evidence that Laura Bush is a Very Classy Lady.

From Opinion Journal 10-07-04:

I reproduce the following Sans Permission and Sans Commentary, from today's Opinion Journal:

Analog Thuggery

Remember when Al Gore called online critics of the Democratic Party "digital brownshirts" merely for exercising their First Amendment rights? Nazi analogies are overwrought even for what we're about to describe, but there have been a variety of reports in recent weeks of violence and intimidation directed against Republicans:

  • Near Milwaukee, "more than 50 demonstrators supporting Democrat presidential candidate John Kerry stormed a Republican campaign office in West Allis at mid-day [Tuesday], trespassing, creating a disturbance through the use of a bullhorn in the office and then refusing to leave when asked," according to a Wisconsin GOP press release. State party chairman Rick Graber also pointed "to an incident in Madison last week in which Bush-Cheney yard signs were stolen from the yards of three homes. The vandals then used chemicals to burn swastikas into the lawns of the homes."

  • In Huntington, W.Va., "someone fired a shot at the Republican Headquarters office" on Sept. 2, as local party members were watching President Bush's nomination speech, reports WSAZ-TV. "The bullet left a hole in the front window," but no one was hurt.

  • In Knoxville, Tenn., "an unknown suspect fired multiple shots into the Bearden office of the Bush/Cheney re-election campaign Tuesday morning." No one was in the office. "One shot shattered the glass in the front door and the other cracked the glass in another of the front doors."

  • In Orlando, Fla., "a group of protestors stormed and then ransacked a Bush-Cheney headquarters building" on Tuesday. WKMG reports that most of the intruders "were from the AFL-CIO and were taking part in one of 20 other coordinated protests around the country."

  • In Tampa, Fla., "labor activists stormed President Bush's campaign headquarters" Tuesday. No one was injured or arrested.

To be sure, in the most serious of these incidents, the gunshots in Huntington and Knoxville, the perpetrators were unknown. It's possible they were random acts of violence. But can you imagine the outcry if this sort of thing were going on at Democratic campaign offices.

OK, I'm going to comment, after all - rant, in fact - but I'll try to keep it somewhat short and to the point: They're desperate, folks! The other side is willing to resort to violence and thuggery to advance its agenda. They must not succeed. But do not return violence for violence. We must retaliate, not in kind, but by crushing them at the polls in November.

Do not think that we have seen the last of the kind of ugliness chronicled above. I predict there will be a rash of it on election day, at polling places throughout the country. They are going to try to cheat. I repeat, the other side is going to try to cheat and steal this election. (Read Hewitt.)

It is imperative that all precincts have election judges who will act responsibly in the face of such illegal behaviour by those who would thwart the legitimate political expression of the people. Even if you cannot be hired to be an election judge, check out the laws in your state as to whether you can observe the polling place throughout the day. Bring a cell phone in order to call the news media to alert them of any chicanary. The forces of anti-democracy must not be allowed to prevail.

Two Links

EjectEjectEject and Muslims For Bush. Go forth, thou, and read them both, post haste.

Wednesday, October 06, 2004

Vain Glory

I'm Muzzy, a blue-green creature from outer space and a card-carrying WingNut member of the Hoi Polloi. But, like most of us, I have had brushes with various luminaries of some stripe or other. Here are a few of the ones I can remember:

Willard Scott (American TV personality, NBC Today Show) - Willard Scott was the NBC Today Show weatherman before Al Roker took the job, and legend has it that in the early days of television, played Bozo The Clown and Ronald McDonald. Back in 1982 he was in town for a local department store anniversary celebration, and was cutting and handing out cake to patrons at a local Mall. I went down and met him briefly. He's tall, but I'm taller than he is. When he saw me, he turned to the cameraman from the local news crew and told them to get some footage of him and me standing back-to-back, for the evening news. I did get him to autograph a photo I'd taken of him the year before when he had been Grand Marshall of the Winter Carnival parade.

Martin Sheen (Film and TV Actor, Apocalypse Now, The West Wing - Sheen had just produced and narrated a documentary about Agent Orange and brought the film to town for its World Premiere, screened at the Film School I attended in the early 1980's. I stood in line - like everyone else - and shook his hand, told him how much I appreciated his role of Captain Willard in Apocalypse Now. I didn't ask for his autograph, and was probably afraid he might 'terminate me, with extreme prejudice.'

Kerry Livgren (Singer, guitarist, songwriter for 80's band Kansas) - A friend was promoting a concert in town for Livgren's post-Kansas band, A.D. Although they performed mostly new stuff, they also did a few of the Kansas hits, such as 'Dust In The Wind,' and 'Carry On Wayward Son.' I was asked to photograph the concert and, afterwards, got to hang out backstage and meet the band. Livgren seemed like a nice enough guy, but he was fairly soft-spoken and I felt awkward trying to make conversation with him. I was too embarrassed to ask for his autograph, and I suspect he would have been annoyed to have been asked.

Sixpence None The Richer (Recording group, Hitmakers) - Sixpence had been knocking about the Christian underground scene for years before they were taken under the wing of former CCM Enfant Terrible Steve Taylor, and were catapulted to stardom with songs like the ubiquitous 'Kiss Me,' and their cover of Crowded House's 'Don't Dream It's Over.' The day their big album was released, producer Steve Taylor chartered a jet and flew the band to 6 cities in 18 hours, playing short acoustic sets all over North America. I happened to be at the show they did at a local coffeehouse, in front of no more than 75 to 100 people. I got my copy of their CD autographed by lead singer Leigh and the rest of the band, as well as by Steve Taylor, whom I'd known in passing in another life, and got to chat with them for a few minutes. 6 months later I was pushing a shopping cart through a supermarket, and heard 'Kiss Me' on the PA system: it was a certified hit.

T-Bone Burnett and Sam Phillips (Singer-Songwriters, Husband and Wife, Record Producer [him]) - This should really be split into two sections, because I met them at different venues, when they were not even married. In fact, I'm not sure if T-Bone had even heard of Leslie/Sam, when I met him. T-Bone Burnett came to fame as a member of Bob Dylan's Rolling Thunder Revue, later with the Alpha Band, and most recently made his mark as the musical producer of 'O Brother Where Out Thou?' I saw him during his solo recording career, in the early 80's. After the show I hung out at the edge of the stage and got to say hi to him and shake his hand, but I didn't get his autograph. As for Sam Phillips, she had been toiling away in the CCM scene under the name Leslie Phillips when she recorded a rather dark - but splendid - album produced by T-Bone Burnett, whom she went on to marry. I saw Sam perform under her new name shortly after her second T-Bone-produced album was released. After the show I waited with some friends at the back of the club for Sam, and when she finally came out, we all stood around and chatted for about 10 minutes. She was gracious and friendly, but I didn't get an autograph from her, either.

Hugh Hewitt
(Author, Nationally syndicated radio Talk Show Host) - Hugh has broadcast his national show from our State Fair several years running, and always comes out of the booth to meet and greet the faithful who congregate outside the local affiliate booth. One of my best friends had just given me a copy of Hewitt's then-latest book 'In But Not Of,' and I got to tell him how much I enjoyed it. Unfortunately, I didn't have a copy of the book with me and I didn't get his autograph.
Willard Harley (Author, Psychologist, Marriage Counselor) - Dr. Harley was my psychology professor in my freshman psych class. He went on to write a book on marriage called 'His Needs, Her Needs,' that has sold over 1,000,000 copies. I wouldn't say he and I are friends, by any stretch, but I have run in to him from time to time at local book-signings, and have several copies of his subsequent books autographed by him. I most recently met up with him and his wife this year at the State Fair, where they were co-hosting her local radio show. I chatted with him at the commercial break and he asked me to join them on air for a brief parley. I must say, I didn't mind the idea of being heard by thousands on the radio, but the assembled dozen or so people who were watching the proceedings intimidated the heck out of me. But true to their word, I received a copy of his latest book in the mail later that week, for having been brave enough to go on the show.

Richard Halverson (Author, Minister, US Senate Chaplain) - During his tenure as the Senate Chaplain, Dr. Halverson was the pastor of my Dad's sister's Presbyterian church in the Washington D.C. Area. My Dad - a reverend, himself - had met Dr. Halverson at some function back-in-the-day, and when he found out that the Right Reverend was going to be speaking at my college during my freshman year, Dad instructed me to hunt down the Chaplain and say hi. I felt quite foolish, standing to the side while others took their time chatting with him. I finally got my minute or two, introduced myself and told him how glowingly both my Dad and his sister spoke of him. He seemed to me to be a kind and decent man and I was, in the end, glad I'd taken the time to meet him.

Dorothy Stratten - (Playboy Model, Actress) - I'm just a wee bit sheepish about this, and I didn't actually meet Dorothy, but it's a near-miss worth telling about, methinks: my senior year college roommate had a subscription to Playboy and I always made a point of reading the, ahem, articles. Anyway, the summer after my college graduation I had alot of time on my hands and sent a typed fan letter to Dorothy Stratten, Centerfold of the Month for that July, as I recall. Dorothy was named Centerfold off the Year the following year, and went on to appear in several movies, including a co-starring role with John Ritter and Audrey Hepburn in the Peter Bogdonovich film, 'They All Laughed.' Anyhow, I was quite surprised a couple of months later when I received from Dorothy an autographed tasteful (non-nude) modeling photograph and a hand-written letter, answering some of my questions and thanking me for writing to her. Dorothy Stratten was killed the next year by her estranged husband Paul, and was the subject of the Bob Fosse movie 'Star 80,' starring Mariel Hemingway. And like most people remember where they were when they heard Kennedy was shot, I remember exactly where I was when I heard on the radio that Dorothy had been killed. I wish I still had a copy of the letter I wrote her, as I don't really remember what it said, but I believe I do still have the letter and 5x7 she sent me.

Billy Graham (Preacher, Friend Of Presidents) - This one is another near-miss, but worth telling, and for very different reasons than Ms. Stratten's story, above. I was at a Religious Youth Convention in the late 1970's at which Billy Graham was the featured afternoon plenary speaker. There were several thousand people in attendance, and after the session, hundreds of audience members congregated around the stage to meet Dr. Graham and/or to shake his hand. I was at the periphery of the crowd, but over the next few minutes was able to work my way to within feet off the celebrated Man of God. I was just about to press into the last line of bodies separating me from the good Reverend D.D., when I saw a woman just in front of me reaching out to Dr. Graham, shouting, "Touch Me, Billy, Touch Me!" Billy appeared to wince but graciously shook the woman's hand and autographed her Bible. I rolled my eyes at the absurdity of the moment, but truth was, for all her foolishness, I realized that I wasn't much different than the Silly Woman I'd just seen. I realized that Rev. Graham probably wanted nothing more than to get back to his hotel and take a nap, so I sheepishly turned around, pushed my way back through of the crowd and out of the auditorium.

Have you ever met anyone who might be considered famous? What were (are) they famous for, and how did you meet them? (Please comment below.)

Tuesday, October 05, 2004

Veep Debate

Okay, if you want a good rundown of the debate tonight between Cheney and Edwards, you won't find it here. Check out Hugh Hewitt's LiveBlog account of the big event for Fun and Profit. And check out the CDC website for some wacky downloads for the kiddies.

Yon Kerry Has A Lean And Hungry Look

The Tragedy Of Omlet, Prince Of Massachusets.

Odds And Sods

Drudge has the story: John Kerry gives the Poles The Finger.

HundredPercenter has even more.

Dubyah lied about WMD, didn't he? Maybe not.

Perhaps Kerry will stop lying and tell the truth. Maybe not.

Are you a Bushie? John Edwards thinks you're a looney.

John Kerry, the other hand, is a brilliant man, not just in the globe, but elsewhere.

And lastly, a wee bit of humor at the expense - what else? - of the effenheimer.

Monday, October 04, 2004

Don't Try This At Home

Yes, he makes this look easy, but he is Allah, after all.


I'm sure John Kerry will want to know what the French have to say about this before he changes his mind. Again.

Whiney And Cheesy

Teresa Heinz Kerry plays catch up. And so does her husband. It's pathetic. At least Kerry has agreed to rigorously adhere to the agreed-upon rules in the next debate.

Political Science

You can take it ironically or literally, but either way, it's a great lyric and a great song.

The Truth About Iraq

You won't see this in the NY Times. Or this, either.


The United States Holocaust Memorial Museum has an intriguing online exhibit, documenting not only the Jewish Holocaust under the Nazis during World War II, but the modern-day Holocaust in Darfur. Whatever your political or religious belief, whatever your ethnic background, visit the site, linger a while and allow yourself time to consider what you see and read there. How you think about such things - and how you act - has consequences for your mind and your soul.

Sunday, October 03, 2004

Cheaters And Losers

Hugh Hewitt's latest book proclaims, 'If It's Not Close, They Can't Cheat'. On the other hand, this presidential election is close, and the Kerry campaign is desperate - therefore they probably will try their darndest to cheat.

My take: I watched the video of the first presidential debate and read the memoradum of understanding between the Kerry and Bush campaigns regarding the debate(s). From the video, it's clear that John Kerry pulled a Foreign Object out of his trunks, while the referee was waving off Kerry's manager in the other corner. No? Maybe not. Well, let's just say that, at the very least, it certainly appears that Kerry did not adhere to the letter of the agreement. I call that cheating. And, in a debate, if you cheat, you lose.

The Blogosphere is only just beginning to pick up the story, so it'll be fascinating to watch the discussion unfold over the next couple of news cycles. And it'll be fun watching Dan Rather try to spin this one tomorrow. And it's gotta be said: all hail to everybody's favorite muckracker for trumpeting this story.

Man, I love the smell of scandal in the morning!

Mencken And Elections

After what must have been hours of meditation and prayer, the Sage of Baltimore, H.L. Mencken, set down his prescription in 1927 for a better system of elections in these United States. What follows is an excerpt from 'A Purge For Legislators,' originally published in 'Prejudices: Sixth Series,' and most recently in 'A Mencken Chrestomathy, by Vintage Books:

...I propose that our Legislatures be chosen as our juries are now chosen--that the names of all the men eligible in each assembly district be put into a hat (or, if no hat can be found that is large enough, into a bathtub), and that a blind moron, preferably of tender years, be delegated to draw out one. Let the constituted catchpolls then proceed swiftly to the man's house, and take him before he can get away. Let him be brought into court forthwith and put under bond to serve as elected, and if he cannot furnish the bond, let him be kept until the appointed day in the nearest jail.

The advantages that this system would offer are so vast and obvious that I hesitate to venture into the banality of rehearsing them. It would in the first place, save the commonwealth the present excessive cost of elections, and make political campaigns unnecessary. It would in the second place, get rid of all the heart-burnings that now flow out of every contest at the polls, and block the reprisals and charges of fraud that now issue from the heart-burnings. It would, in the third place, fill all the State Legislatures with men of a peculiar and unprecedented cast of mind--men actually convinced that public service is a public burden, and not merely a private snap. And it would, in the fourth and most important place, completely dispose of the present degrading knee-bending and trading in votes, for nine-tenths of the legislators, having got into office unwillingly, would be eager only to finish their duties and go home, and even those who acquired a taste for the life would be unable to increase the probability, even by one chance in a million, of their re-election.

...the worst curse of democracy, as we suffer under it today, is that it makes public office a monopoly of a palpably inferior and ignoble group of men. They have to abase themselves to get it, and they have to keep on abasing themselves in order to hold it. The fact reflects in their general character, which is obviously low. They are men congenitally capable of cringing and dishonorable acts, else they would not have got into public life at all. There are, of course, exceptions to that rule among them, but how many? What I contend is simply that the number of such exceptions is bound to be smaller in the class of professional job-seekers than it is in any other class, or in the population in general. What I contend, second, is that choosing legislators from that populations, by chance, would reduce immensely the proportion of such slimy men in the halls of legislation, and that the effects would be instantly visible in a great improvement in the justice and reasonableness of the laws.

I realize it will never happen, but I do think the Old Boy was on to something.

Saturday, October 02, 2004

I'm Speechless

Or nearly speechless. This is just one of the reasons why the Jihadistas think we're decadent. Maybe they're right.

Friday, October 01, 2004

Debate This

I only got to watch just a little of the debate last night; I taped it but didn't have time to watch it. What follows is based on rather incomplete information. So, on with it, then.

Based on what I saw, I am torn between Hugh Hewitt's optimism and Powerline's more sober assessment of the proceedings. I think both opinions are reasonable. Bush did seem halting at times. Kerry came off as arrogant, as well. But, in the end, both candidates rather forcefully presented their message(s) and shored up their base support. I can't imagine that the debate changed the mind of anyone who was already supporting one or the other. Kerry probably left his supporters feeling a little more comfortable; he gave a rather solid presentation. If anything, Kerry actually looked better on TV than did Bush. So, Kerry won, right?

Yes, but, but, but...

All Bush had to do last night was to hold his own. He did. As the challenger - and one who is behind in the polls - Kerry had to hit a grand-slam home run. He didn't. Kerry was polished and forceful, yet he said nothing that would convince undecided America of how he might govern. Being the Not-Bush is not good enough. Yet, as Hugh Hewitt points out, on one specific count, Kerry did make it clear that he would subordinate America's interests to The Global Test. Ain't gonna happen, folks. Not during wartime.

As the rosy - or orange - glow of the debates fade, Bush's ads will continue to pound Kerry as a candidate who cannot pick a position and stick with it. And those ads will legitimately continue to take their toll on Kerry's credibility. Kerry has a remarkably shabby voting record in the Senate. That, and his conflicting public statements on the war, will be used in ads against him, again and again.

But more importantly, every weeknight, again and again, from now until the election, Jay Leno will make jokes about Waffling Kerry - and he will continue to do so because when he does, the audience howls. Yes, Leno mocks Bush, too. But Dubyah's been mocked for four years, now. The effect on the president's stature has long since worn thin, and worn off. Kerry has only recently become a household name for many people. Being ridiculed on late night TV isn't inconsequential; it's a powerful indicator of what America thinks. A political candidate can survive numerous indignities in the course of a campaign, but ridicule - especially from the likes of Leno - is one of the most devastating.

One last point: almost no one has been willing to broach the subject, but I will. Even though we do not vote for First Lady - and even though the position is ceremonial only - who the First Lady is matters. If there were a toe-to-toe contest between Laura Bush and Teresa Heinz Kerry, there would be no contest: Laura Bush, winner by default. I won't make the case that a large number of people in this country vote based on the prospective First Lady, but some do. Do not discount the First Lady as a factor in the final weeks of the campaign.

Postscript: Migawd, Lileks is possessed of SuperPowers today. Flame On!